ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES ORGANIZATIONS FACE IN RESPONDING TO DIGITAL DISRUPTION AND THE MAGNITUDE OF ITS IMPLICATIONS, IS KNOWING WHERE TO START. This applies to the question of capability building just as much as to any other aspect of digital change. Often the tendency is to look for a major strategic intervention. But in the context of an unfamiliar, uncertain and rapidly evolving environment something which is more exploratory and ‘agile’ in nature, based […]

bus case

The business case for LEARNING DIGITAL

THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERNAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR EXISTING EMPLOYEES, AS A VITAL MEANS OF BUILDING THE DIGITAL CAPABILITIES THAT ORGANIZATIONS REQUIRE, APPEARS  INCONTROVERTIBLE. It’s essential given the shortage in the supply of people with the requisite mix of skills. It addresses the widely identified need for all employees to have enhanced digital skills and understanding as a key element of their broader overall skill-set, and to combine digital knowledge with core business knowledge. […]


Learning to colour OUTSIDE THE LINES

IT’S GENERALLY RECOGNIZED, THAT ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES ESTABLISHED ORGANIZATIONS FACE IN EMBRACING NEW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES, IS A SHORTAGE OF DIGITAL CAPABILITIES.  For example, in a 2017 Fujitsu survey of 1600 business executives from 14 countries, 70% of respondents said that there was a clear lack of digital skills in their organization. Other research supports this conclusion. The first question which this raises is what capabilities are really required to enable organizations to flourish in […]


Charles Darwin – DIGITAL GURU

‘IT IS NOT THE STRONGEST OF THE SPECIES THAT SURVIVES, NOR THE MOST INTELLIGENT THAT SURVIVES. IT IS THE ONE THAT IS MOST ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE’. Charles Darwin. The conventional approach to business transformation – including Digital Transformation – is to treat it as a ‘Project’. This entails a number of assumptions. Firstly, it assumes that the current reality – the starting point for the transformation –is known and well understood; secondly, it assumes that […]


School’s out (COMPLETELY)

FOR MANY ESTABLISHED ORGANIZATIONS THE PREVAILING EDUCATIONAL MODEL STILL PLACES HEAVY RELIANCE ON THE TRADITIONAL ONE; WHERE LEARNING IS SOMETHING THAT IS PRIMARILY UNDERTAKEN DURING OUR FORMATIVE YEARS… …be that at school, university or in the form of professional qualifications. This is then followed by learning ‘on the job’ through experience, perhaps supplemented by some ad hoc internal training and possibly some involvement with advanced management education at a business school for senior executives or high flyers. […]