In the age of Digital Darwinism, LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT must step up

‘IT IS NOT THE STRONGEST OF THE SPECIES THAT SURVIVES, NOR THE MOST INTELLIGENT THAT SURVIVES… IT IS THE ONE THAT IS MOST ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE’. Charles Darwin. In the modern digital world characterised by rapid change, uncertainty and unfamiliarity, learning is the fundamental mechanism by which organizations can identify and interpret what is happening, […]

EMPLOYEES must adapt
In the age of Digital Darwinism, EMPLOYEES MUST ADAPT or struggle with relevance

THOSE MOST LIKELY TO FLOURISH AND PROSPER, ARE THOSE WHO EQUIP THEMSELVES THROUGH LEARNING, TO ADAPT TO THE DEVELOPMENTS TAKING PLACE AROUND THEM. Digital disruption is already having a profound impact on the labour market, creating new types of jobs and demands for different skills (obvious examples being app and web development, data analytics, cybersecurity […]