EMPLOYEES must adapt

In the age of Digital Darwinism, EMPLOYEES MUST ADAPT or struggle with relevance

THOSE MOST LIKELY TO FLOURISH AND PROSPER, ARE THOSE WHO EQUIP THEMSELVES THROUGH LEARNING, TO ADAPT TO THE DEVELOPMENTS TAKING PLACE AROUND THEM. Digital disruption is already having a profound impact on the labour market, creating new types of jobs and demands for different skills (obvious examples being app and web development, data analytics, cybersecurity […]

bus case

The business case for LEARNING DIGITAL

THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERNAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR EXISTING EMPLOYEES, AS A VITAL MEANS OF BUILDING THE DIGITAL CAPABILITIES THAT ORGANIZATIONS REQUIRE, APPEARS  INCONTROVERTIBLE. It’s essential given the shortage in the supply of people with the requisite mix of skills. It addresses the widely identified need for all employees to have enhanced digital skills […]


Learning to colour OUTSIDE THE LINES

IT’S GENERALLY RECOGNIZED, THAT ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES ESTABLISHED ORGANIZATIONS FACE IN EMBRACING NEW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES, IS A SHORTAGE OF DIGITAL CAPABILITIES.  For example, in a 2017 Fujitsu survey of 1600 business executives from 14 countries, 70% of respondents said that there was a clear lack of digital skills in their organization. Other research […]